Cliniconex launches with Telus PS Suite

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Preparing patients for their clinic visits has never been more effective or more productive on PS Suite.

We are excited to announce that Cliniconex and Telus have officially partnered to offer patient engagement solutions to clinics using the Telus PS Suite EMR can now use our integrated services, including Appointment Reminders, Booking Notifications, Patient Surveys and Patient Recalls.

Cliniconex believes that patient engagement is at the heart of a better healthcare system and that effective patient engagement must be personalized, autonomous, and manageable. Driven by your clinic’s preferred workflow, our light touch, automated communication, and reporting software not only streamlines pre and post-visit outreach but also offers an extremely customizable platform for preventive patient care and individualized patient health education.

With Cliniconex you can expect:


Personalized communications with your patients result in higher response rate, better patient flow, shorter phone queue, less time registering when arriving.

  1. Brand your messages to patients with your own Clinic’s logo, website link, contact information and more!
  2. Patient needs specific information for their appointment?
    You can send customized information based on appointment type, provider, location, etc. Information can include visit preparation information (eg. “Please bring your list of medications with you”), location, required arrival time, links to website unique to appointment type, etc.
  3. Inform your patients about your cancellation policy by including it in your messages.
  4. Customize the provider name in the messages to include doctor, or nurse, or other, for example “your appointment is with Dr. Smith” or “your appointment is with Sara, the nurse”.
Automated Workflow

Setting up Cliniconex will increase your productivity without effort or training which makes it so easy to deploy.

  1. Send reminders when your receptionist is ready and available.
    Set “Do not Disturb” days to avoid reaching out to patients on specific days of the week
  2. Avoid sending more than one reminder!
    Reminders can be sent to patients who have not confirmed their appointments yet
  3. Keep your providers and staff informed!
    We automatically send e-mails to providers and staff to inform them of cancellations.
  4. Many patients attending an appointment?
    Override time for appointments for group appointments.
  5. Patient have more than one appointment in a day? No problem!
    Send only one reminder to patients who may have multiple appointments scheduled for one day

With Cliniconex you have the control making it easy to manage, easy to implement and, when you’re ready, add new services.

  1. Regular e-mail reports listing all daily reminder activity including notifications to your designated staff to report failed calls usually caused by out of service numbers.
  2. Standardize and deploy based on appointment type, provider, location, and combinations
  3. Easily make changes to system configuration.
  4. “Set it and forget it.”
    Cliniconex runs behind the scenes so you don’t have to worry about it.

Export-based services, including Preventative Care, Health Education and Registry Outreach, are also available to all users.

Cliniconex is with you every step of the way from start to evolution!

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