My semester at CCX | Adaeze’s Review

Adaeze joined the marketing team in September as only the second co-op student the team has had. She was responsible for all our social media accounts and created content daily for not only the corporate accounts, but she developed thought leadership content for members of the management team.

We chatted with Adaeze about her experience on the team over the past four months, what she learned, and what she is looking forward to using when she returns to classes in 2024.

What was the most rewarding thing about working with the Cliniconex team this summer? What about the marketing team?

It was getting to put all the things I learned in theory in school into practice. I took what I learned in my courses on design, video editing and writing, and was able to combine all of those learnings and use them hands-on every day.

What was the biggest challenge you faced over the semester?

It was writing thought leadership content for our internal subject matter experts. Writing just the social media posts at first was challenging, but got increasingly easier each week. When I started writing blogs for them, it was a challenge and a new skill I had to learn.

Tell us about any new skills, techniques, or knowledge you gained this semester.

A few software tools were new to me such as; SEMRush, MailChimp and WordPress.

What are you most proud of accomplishing during your co-op term?

I’m proud of how my writing and design skills have improved.

Thinking about your classes in 2024, what skills do you think will help you in your coursework?

Next semester I am taking a storytelling in social media course, so my time at Cliniconex will definitely help! My time here will also help with group projects, teamwork and help me to work more effectively.

What is the greatest lesson you’ve learned this semester?

The biggest takeaway is that nobody is an island and there is always someone willing to help me. If I ask for help when I am stuck the problem is basically half solved. Nobody knows everything and people are always willing to take the time to help.

What words of wisdom or advice would you give to a student considering a co-op term with Cliniconex?

I would recommend Clincionex because everyone is approachable, and nobody takes themselves too seriously. It’s also a small company so it’s easier to get to know everyone and they get to know you.

What are you looking forward to over the holidays?

I have about a month off and am excited to go to Houston to see my brothers – but mostly my niece and nephew! I haven’t seen them since last Christmas so I am excited to hang out with them and see how much they’ve grown and changed. My nephew is walking now so that will be fun!

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