Webinar: Ask Us Anything!

Join us for an interactive webinar with our Automated Care Messaging experts. Get answers to your most pressing questions and learn from your peers.

You have questions – we have answers! Join us for a webinar where you are in the driver’s seat.

Our team will be wearing our festive best and ready to answer any questions you have about Automated Care Messaging, from features and functions to what’s coming up next.

Join us for a chance to win some prizes, just in time for the holidays!


We’d love for you to share with your peers:

  1. New ways you are using Automated Care Messaging to reach your community
  2. Best practices you’ve implemented
  3. How Automated Care Messaging has impacted your organization.


Kristi Aruja

Digital Marketing Specialist

Kristi is an experienced marketer and during her time at Cliniconex and has helped build effective messaging programs for Automated Care Messaging users. She is looking forward to seeing how she can help senior care organizations reach their communities as effectively as possible.


Jordie Jussup

Senior Account Executive

Jordie has spent the past 18 years talking to medical and scientific professionals about efficiencies and solutions for their important work. With Automated Care Messaging, he's proud to be able to specifically help senior care organizations ease the burden of community outreach and reinvest the difference back to resident care.
Jeremy Hall

Senior Software Developer

Jeremy has over 20 years of experience developing software, and has a passion for delivering high quality features that help users to succeed. He is always on the lookout for ways to optimize and enhance Automated Care Messaging so that senior care organizations can spend more time caring for their patients.

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