Webinar: Communicating in a crisis

You can’t control when and how an emergency will hit - but you can control how you respond to it. Make sure your emergency preparedness plan leverages the digital tools you already have.

Whether you’re experiencing an emergency you planned for – or one you did not – you need to respond to a crisis quickly.

One key component of emergency preparedness is your communications plan. Who is doing outreach? Who are your stakeholders? How are you contacting them? What do they need to know and when?

Join us to learn how automated outreach can answer all these questions, ensuring your crisis communications plan is quick and concise and compliant.


Top 3 takeaways:

  1. How to save time and resources by automating outreach
  2. How to use templated messages to be ready for any situation
  3. How to leverage the data in your EHR

Have you reviewed your crisis communications plan lately? Is it as robust as it could be? Use our checklist to evaluate your current plan, or to help build a new one.

Download the checklist


Kristi Aruja

Digital Marketing Specialist, Cliniconex

Kristi is an experienced marketer and during her time at Cliniconex and has helped build effective messaging programs for Automated Care Messaging users. She is looking forward to seeing how she can help senior care organizations reach their communities as effectively as possible.


Jordie Jussup

Senior Account Executive, Cliniconex

Jordie has spent the past 18 years talking to medical and scientific professionals about efficiencies and solutions for their important work. With Automated Care Messaging, he's proud to be able to specifically help senior care organizations ease the burden of community outreach and reinvest the difference back to resident care.

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